Slappin' bitches, Fuckin' hoes.
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Slappin' bitches, Fuckin' hoes.

I really hope you miss the way I smile, laugh at all your jokes, the way my hair smelled as well as my perfume. I hope you miss my voice and I hope you miss the way I held on to you. I hope the temptation of the way I taste and moan stain your thoughts. I hope you Miss me

21st August, Thursday (2:04am) Reblog ↬


I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

19th August, Tuesday (12:18am) Reblog ↬
Please and thank you.

Lyell me how you truly feel about me in my inbox

18th August, Monday (11:54pm) Reblog ↬
The things I would do to you…

Beyond your dreams.

18th August, Monday (6:25pm) Reblog ↬
Know dat
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